Short in stature - Sweet in personality


Due to the fact that there's few breeders of munchkins in australia, and each litter has on average half with short legs, we have a high demand, so we have implemented a reservation list for our future litters.  Please read below for details.

Our adoption price for Standard Kittens includes:

* One year genetic health guarantee 

* F3 Vaccination
 x 2

*    Parasite Control
 (internal and external)

*    Microchipping

*    Desexing

* Airline Approved Carrier

*    Pedigree Papers

*    Kitten Pack with food samples 


We have a few names on our waiting list currently, we are still accepting names for people wishing to get a mucnhkin,  As always, first choice in kittens is offered to those people on the reservation list, choices will be on a date and requirement basis, after contacting the list they be placed for sale on the website and my facebook group.

The total cost of your kitten will vary - standard (short leg) munchkins and skookums are on average $1999 including flights to most Australian airports (some exceptions occur) and stiltkins (long meg munchkins) between $299 - $650 and Skookum variants (long legs with curly coats) $599-$699. kittens can be freighted Australia wide and overseas at the new owners expense, a quote is easily obtained if the flight haven't been included in the stated price.  The total cost of your kitten will be confirmed in writing to you once you have made your selection from a litter.  

Once kittens reach 4 weeks of age,the waiting list is contacted in the order of reservation. At that time you have the option of choosing a kitten from that litter or too wait for another litter. Once a kitten is decided on a non-refundable deposit of $300 is required. If you choose to wait for another litter, your name is skipped but you DO NOT lose your position on the reservation list.

Due to our high demand and our limited breeding per year, once a deposit is received, it is NON-REFUNDABLE.  By placing a deposit you acknowledge and agree to these terms.

We reserve the right to cancel the sale of a kitten at any time without reason.

Housing Requirements

We at Short N Sweet have a love for our cats as well our native animals, for that reason we insist on indoor homes only! Remember when you purchase a cat, you are responsible for its safety. The majority of veterinarians and welfare agencies advocate indoor cats, dangers to outdoor cats far out weigh any benefits. Responsible cat owners are urged to do what is best for the cat.

Positives of indoor cats: 

  • Lifespan- Indoor cats live on average upto 15yrs of age, given proper care, nutrition and regular vet visits. They can live as old as 21yrs, vs outdoor lifespan of a few years.
  • Health- Indoor cats are much healthier as they arent exposed to as many risk such as infectious diseases, injuries and attacks. 
  • Wildlife- Housing cats inside means there is a greater number of wildlife living and breeding in your area as they aren't being attacked. Our native fauna has no protection against cats! Enjoy our cats and enjoy our wildlife, keep them seperate.

Negatives of outdoor cats:

  • Lifespan- Outdoor cats have on average a lifespan of 2years, this is due to traffic accidents (1 accident can be FATAL or cost you THOUSANDS in vet fees), attacks (cats,dogs and snakes) intentional acts of violence, poisoning (accidental or intentional).
  • Health- Danger of contracting an infectious disease rises in outdoor cats. Many feline diseases include feline AIDs, Feline Leukemia are transmitted from an infected cat to another.
  • Neighbourhood spats often arise from issues involving cats. If a cat lives indoors, then the potential for neighbour friction is reduced.

Something extra:

  • Cats can live 100% indoor lives but if you can offer CONTROLLED outdoor experiences for your cat we support this, this means either having an outdoor cat enclosure where your cat is SECURE and SAFE or harness and leash training your cat so you can walk with them.