Short in stature - Sweet in personality



Munchkins are sociable cats that are extremely playful and who love to run and chase. Munchkins enjoy their owner's and family's company, including dogs and other pets. With a friendly nature they are outgoing, intelligent, agile and enjoy being handled. The Munchkin is a small to small-medium size cat with distinctive short legs. They come in a variety of colours and patterns. Apart from the short legs they exhibit no extremes, as the breed has been established by out crossing to domestic and appropriate pedigree cats. The Munchkin may be short in stature but he is tall in life and fun! 


Although short leg cats have been seen throughout history, the modern munchkins are derived from a pregnant stray soon to be known as blackberry from louisina America, found in the 1983. When blackberrys kittens were born half had short legs and half had regular cat legs.


Munchkins are generally a healthy breed, although issues can still arise, so we have further ensured their health by dna and blood test. Unlike short stature dogs such as dachshund, their are no spinal issues resulting from their short legs. They exhibit shortening and may have slight bowing of the long bones; this does not hamper their mobility.