Short in stature - Sweet in personality


Short-N-Sweet Cattery, we're located in Mackay, QLD Australia. But we are experienced in shipping Australia wide and Overseas. I'm a registered breeders with Cats Qld

I first fell in love with munchkins  in 2007 and it took a few years to be lucky enough to become involved in the future of this wonderful cat. 

My goal is to breed healthy, happy kittens to standard. By the end of 2021 we hope to have all our breeders DNA cleared of 40+ diseases, we did have our foundations DNA tested in the beginning but there's so much advancement in the testing and test available it's time to prove our commitment to health again. 

Not all Munchkins are born with short legs. The standards have short legs, you may ask why they are called standard when they are so unique, its because the written breed standard describes the short legs as show standard. The ones without short legs are called non standard but we like to refer to them as stiltskins, because they look like they are standing on stilts when they are next to there short leg siblings. 

Munchkins and Stiltskins come in any colour imaginable, our rarer colours are cinnamon, lilac and mink.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions via email, text or Facebook.  

Our Facebook group  Short-N-Sweet By Kim Gale munchkins, Stiltskins & Skookums (Australia) welcomes everyone, it's a great place to get your regular pic fix and Litter announcements are made.